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HDPE Spiral Tank

Our organization is the foremost organization as a manufacturer of HDPE Spiral Tank that is accessible in diverse shapes like cylindrical, rectangular, horizontal and vertical. HDPE Tank is extruded in strip form at a temperature of 220ÂșC onto a pre-heated, revolving and traversing mandrel. Each wrap is laid over the past layer and intertwined shaping a consistent barrel with unmistakable rings outwardly and a smooth inward wrap up. Tank divider thickness can be expanded to suit the fluid put away. The tank base is then welded onto the chamber utilizing the most recent expulsion innovation an extensive variety of adornments are accessible to enable us to tailor the tank to your particular necessities.

The manufactured tanks in HDPE is like wise accessible in wide ranges, shapes and sizes in vertical, flat and rectangular to suit our client's necessity. The tanks we create are exceptionally intended to store basic acids like HCl, H2SO4, Acetic corrosive, NaOH, Methyl liquor, and so on. These tanks are perfect for putting away an extensive variety of destructive fluids, acids and also to pickle tanks. The HDPE winding tanks are utilized as a part of different organizations and enterprises like synthetic, composts, material handling, steel, sustenance and refreshment, and so on. The HDPE winding tanks are fabricated in different particulars that are asked by the customer. The measure of the tanks relies upon the amount of fluid that will be put away in them. The tanks are made utilizing most recent welding innovation that guarantees that each tank is made with accuracy and make them 100% watertight.

Product Details of the HDPE Spiral Tank

Name HDPE Spiral Tank
Capacity 250-500 L, 500-1000 L, 1000-5000 L, 5000-10000 L
Storage Material Water, Chemicals/Oils, Milk/Dairy, Gases
Features Horizontal Orientation, Vertical Orientation, High Temperature Resistant
Size( Length X Width X Height) As per requirements
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